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What if the milkman delivered Tuscan kale, artisanal sausage, homemade pickles, and craft beer to your doorstep? We’re Peggotty Provisions (Peg-uh-tee), the modern-day milkman, bringing you all that plus much more.
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Good meals begin with good shopping

We make it easy to prepare and enjoy chef-level meals at home without having to step foot in a grocery store or farmer’s market. The secret most chefs have? They seek out and use the best ingredients they can find. With a few quality ingredients, you’re already halfway to an amazing meal—whether it’s our herb-marinated goat cheese from Vermont Creamery or freshly harvested green beans from Ward’s Farm that need only a quick blanch and pinch of sea salt.

We give you access to a mélange of quality ingredients, so you don’t have to visit multiple stores to find fresh anise hyssop or travel to Quebec to discover Decacer maple syrup. We find and source them for you, including items that are sustainably grown and produced, like seasonal produce, pastured chicken, fresh artisan bread, and free-range eggs. We also source our milk from a local dairy, fresh fish from a nearby pier, and meat from a world-class butcher.

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Your personal sous chef

Not only do we do the sourcing for you, we also do some of the prep and cooking. Our Chef’s Provisions include a rotating selection of housemade meat marinades and spice rubs, handmade pasta, sauces, dumplings, sausages, pickles, dips and spreads, and other homemade favorites. Gather these provisions along with a few of our ingredient offerings to enjoy a beautiful snack board on the fly, a decadent brunch, or a restaurant-level dinner that’s fun and nearly effortless to create.

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We take the thinking out of dinner

We also offer menu ideas, finishing kits, and techniques every week — for instance: lamb already cut into kabob cubes, with a middle-eastern spice rub from freshly toasted spices and locally grown peppers. Serve it with our scallion and cumin labneh and fresh, thick locally made pita we sought out. We cover all the bases, including wooden skewers for those kabobs, serving suggestions, and our professional techniques for grilling the meat.

The choice is yours

Your Peggotty Provisions box is perfectly curated just for you—when you shop our offerings, you have the freedom to pick and choose the items you want to order. Our menu ideas are always flexible and offered a la carte, so you can add (or swap out) items. The result is an elevated meal that’s approachable and easy to pull together. Just want milk and bread delivered? You got it. Or maybe you only want local produce or grass-fed beef in your box. We do that, too. Don’t see something you want? Just ask—we’re always searching for the next best ingredient.


A culinary experience, delivered

We turn food and cooking into a culinary experience that’s as satisfying as it is easy. We plan our weekly menu around a diversified palette—sometimes we have ideas and ingredients for Thai, Middle Eastern, southeast Asian, Mexican, or French cuisine, or an American-style mixed grill. It’s always something different, and it’s always an experience.

When it’s time to finish the dish, we talk you through the same techniques and tricks we use as chefs to make sure the skin is crispy, the meat is juicy, the vegetables are bright green, and the final seasoning is on point. And we give you everything you need to succeed by preparing the sauce, finding you local fish and meat, and getting you vegetables that are as close to out-of-the-ground as possible.

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