Hakurei Turnips, Satsuma Mandarins, German Butterball Potatoes

November 14, 2020

This week's offerings include everything you need for Korean rice bowls, Rising C Ranch citrus, German butterball potatoes, and baby Hakurei turnips. Order by 9pm Wednesday for Saturday delivery. Browse this week's offerings.

What's in our Bibimbap?​
​ It's seriously awesome. Grilled marinated meat (this week: skirt steak, chicken thighs or wild shrimp) are quickly sauteed or grilled and served on top of brown rice with roasted shiitakes and carrots, sesame spinach, spicy gochujang sauce, and, if you’re doing it right, a sunny-side up fried egg. The rice and vegetables are already done, so this super-flavorful dish comes together fast. Also makes a great lunch the next day.

Rising C Ranch Citrus.
 In the coming weeks, you’ll see a lot of heirloom winter citrus from Rising C Ranch featured here. An excellent farm that grows special varieties of citrus in California, and only picks when ripe. We live off of Satsuma mandarins all winter. Small enough to snack on anytime, with a skin that peels off easily and without mess, containing the sweetest burst of mandarin orange brightness inside. We hope you love them like we do.

German butterball potatoes: this is an heirloom variety, grown for us in Maine, that are about the size of a baby yukon gold, and contain a bold yellow, buttery flesh that tastes like butter before you add any. We like to boil these, and then lightly crush them with salt, pepper, olive oil, and if we’re feeling fancy, chives.

Baby Hakurei Turnips: also known as salad turnips, because they are small, sweet, and delicious sliced and served raw. Like a less peppery version of a radish. Bright, sweet, and well worth trying. Slice and serve raw in salads, or halve and braise in butter with their greens, and serve with roast chicken or pork.

Thatcher Farms Dairy, in Milton, was my go-to dairy during my years as a chef in Boston. Their milk has been hard to get since the beginning of the pandemic. We are excited we can now offer you this excellent local milk. Available in whole, skim, 2%, and chocolate. Heavy cream and half and half available upon request. Lactaid, oat, almond and soy milk are now available as well.

Alison Hearn

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Nov 7th, 2020
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