Chicken & Tortilla Soup, Jicama-Cucumber Snacking Salad with Chili-Sugar-Salt, and the makings of a great weeknight pasta dish

January 31, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

We make pasta at home at least once a week, and it rarely has red sauce. Pasta is a wonderful vehicle for mushrooms and leafy greens in particular. A staple at our home is a long pasta shape, such as fettuccine, some roasted mushrooms, sliced shallots, lemon juice and zest, and chopped Tuscan kale. Fresh parmesan or grana padano is a must, and a little bit of the pasta cooking water + butter makes a quick, silky smooth sauce. Sometimes, it might get a raw egg yolk whisked in at the last moment for added richness. Find it all in our catalog.

Grab our chicken & tortilla soup kit this week, and enjoy the simplicity of warming up two bowls of our soup made from fresh whole chickens, pasilla negro chiles, tomatoes, and citrus. The fun part is frying some fresh corn tortilla strips in a little oil at home- the freshly fried crisps make it next-level, and the last-minute addition of avocado and cilantro, freshly cubed/cut by you, makes it just perfect. Nice with this, or on its own, would be some crunchy fresh jicama and Persian cucumber sticks, dusted with our chili-sugar-salt blend. Great if you want something delicious and healthy to snack on, or a way to put fresh veg on the table that's alive and fresh.

We have all kinds of excellent winter fruits and vegetables: it's a great time for any type of heirloom citrus, cruciferous vegetables like savoy cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and broccoli or yu choy and bok choy, chicory-family leafy greens like escarole and endive, and more- be sure to check out the seasonal produce section of our catalog, featuring fresh German Butterball potatoes from Phat Farm in Maine. See you soon!


Alison Hearn

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