Clean + Bright

January 3, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors:

Here's what I want right now: something clean. Something that lifts me up without weighing me down. Something that is bright, that pops, that keeps us excited and interested instead of feeling like we've just entered the season of deprivation.

So I'm turning to two favorites. One is pho- specifically, chicken pho. We are going to char some aromatics like ginger, garlic and shallots, we are including star anise for warmth, coriander for it's citrus notes, a touch of Chinese rock sugar, and we are going to make a beautiful chicken stock with whole fresh chickens, and then we are going to adjust that broth with some fish sauce for depth and umami, and give you the lovingly made stock, the pulled chicken, a sidecar of fresh herbs, bean sprouts, and chili, and rice noodles that you're going to cook at home. And you're going to make yourself one lovely bowl of pho.

Dumpling Party: I love dumplings - they’re among my favorite foods. The very best ones are cooked immediately after making them. So we’ve adapted our favorite recipe for Peggotty Provisions, and left the most fun part to you. Included: dumpling wrappers, our pork, napa cabbage + garlic chive filling, and dipping sauce, instructions, plus a link to a video showing you exactly how to fold them. If you don’t think you’ll eat 40 dumplings in one evening, don’t sweat it- you can freeze the filling and wrappers, OR, you can make them all and freeze them for a super-easy dumpling night some other night- they can be pan-steamed or boiled right from frozen. You’ll be delighted to find these in the freezer.

Now is the time: for kumquats, Satsuma mandarins, Moro blood oranges, Cara Cara pink navels, Sweetest Batch blackberries and blueberries, fresh Asian greens like Shanghai bok choy and yu choy, root vegetables like organic rainbow carrots, parsnips, sunchokes and celery root, chicories like radicchio, endive, and escarole.

Weekly staples: ours include free-range eggs (a great price for a great product), Peggotty Provisions almond, pepita, dried cherry and coconut granola, a loaf of seeded sourdough from Steel & Rye, some Kerrygold butter, and Natalie's OJ. Eat more fish: many of our customers have told us that our Garlic & Herb marinated Norwegian Salmon fillet is a weekly staple for them (and I think it's one of the few fish that actually freeze well- in case you want to grab some for later in the week), it's really nice to have boneless skinless chicken breasts that are already trimmed for you (from the paper to the pan- no chicken-y cutting board required), and if you haven't had our "ready to roast" half chickens, you're missing out on a tasty bird that's a snap to prepare. This week we're featuring harissa-rubbed half chickens. We get a whole Giannone chicken for roasting every Sunday. And it's nice to have a few butcher's steaks or wagyu bavette steaks tucked away in the freezer for the next time you're craving steak.

See you soon,


Alison Hearn

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