Delta Queen Asparagus, Lamb Roasts, Vadouvan Salmon & Tcho Chocolate Cake

March 22, 2021

Hello Everyone! There is almost too much to write about, so I'll do my best to be succinct, as I could use the practice anyway.

Celebrating Passover? We've got you covered- find lamb roasts and racks, salmon, apples, honey, walnuts, medjool dates, fresh horseradish root, golden raisins, cinnamon, baby romaine lettuce (aka little gem), flourless chocolate cake, and more this week.

Lamb top is a cut from the leg that is the most tender and makes a nice 2-lb roast. We have oven-ready roasts of lamb top rubbed with our Montreal steak rub- it's even better on lamb. While the spices perk up and highlight the lamb in all sorts of ways, the sweet/sour Mymoune pomegranate molasses glaze really finishes it off nicely. I recently learned that certain ingredients like mustard (part of the rub) and things like balsamic vinegar or pomegranate molasses- high in antioxidants- offset the gaminess sometimes found in lamb. I always love lamb prepared this way, and now I know why. We use Colorado lamb here, because we love the flavor.

Vadouvan-rubbed Norwegian Salmon fillet. If you wonder why we're always going on about Vadouvan, find out now. This French-leaning curry rub is heavier on the shallots and garlic than other curries, and we've found it addictive. That would pair really, really well with the real-deal Delta Queen asparagus we are just barely able to get our hands on, and a warm fingerling potato, shallot and creme fraiche salad. We even put together a little kit for the potato salad so you don't have to worry about having all the ingredients- just follow the simple instructions. It's great warm or room temperature, so you can make it a little ahead of time and not sweat the timing while you focus on your fish.

The rhubarb is outstanding this week. We've added 0% and 2% Greek yogurt to the lineup- just click on the Fage yogurt and you'll see the options. Don't forget the Muscat grapes and Dreamberry Strawberries. We are featuring a new coffee from Speedwell at the suggestion of one of our clients: Ethiopian Challa. Super excited to try it.

Thank you and see you soon!

Alison & Michael

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