Duck Buns with Pickled Green Strawberries, Dumpling Party, Peanut Noodles

June 18, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

I live in a perpetual state of desire for noodles. My son asked me when we were having spicy peanut noodles again (he's three, so proud) so I decided the answer is: this week. This done-for-you noodle bowl has fresh local lo mein noodles, our killer peanut sauce, organic greens, cucumber, and snap peas. Maybe some pea shoots or sunflower sprouts- we'll see what's local and tasty this week. I usually get like four of these when they hit the menu, because I want them again...and again...

Dumplings: I'm not sure this is anything to brag about, when I worked as the opening chef of Myers + Chang, I ate dumplings every single day. No seriously- I did not miss a single shift.  I came in for lunch one day, a year after I left the job and, upon seeing me, the daytime cook immediately fired up dumplings that arrived at my table before I even put in my drink order. Perhaps I should seek help for this habit, but I'm inclined to just give in, and make dumplings again. So if you missed the dumpling party when we debuted it in January, here's your chance, and if you already know what's up, here's another chance to enjoy them- or fill up your freezer so you have tasty dumplings around any time the craving arises.  

Crispy Hoisin-Glazed Duck Bao: I'm on a duck tear lately and a pack of duck breasts is the perfect amount to make ten little juicy, tasty duck buns with brandied hoisin sauce. Included: duck breasts, ready to pan-roast; our chili and five-spice rub for the duck, house-made in-season green strawberry pickles, jazzed-up hoisin sauce, bibb lettuce, and steamed bao buns that just need to be warmed up. Pan-roast the duck breast to your liking, slice it into thick slices and tuck it into a steamed bun with sauce and accouterments. You'll be happy you did.

Any of these could be dinner, and all of them could be a party- or several delicious dinners.  More things to brighten your week: Frog Hollow Stone Fruit, local Strawberries, Bing and Rainier Cherries, Red Butter Lettuce from Ward's Farm, and more- be sure to check out the whole catalog and see you soon!

Alison & The Team at Peggotty Provisions

Alison Hearn

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