Fish Taco Kit, Adobo-rubbed Pork Shoulder, Spring Produce

April 19, 2021

Fish Tacos. The best way to have these is fresh, and the freshest way to have them, short of a street cart, is at home, where the crunchy fish and warm tortillas can be eaten at their peak. No need to overcomplicate things: here crispy fish, some bright and crunchy arrowhead cabbage, and a little crema accentuate without overwhelming the beauty of this fresh local fish.

Tacos Carnitas: simply cook our adobo-marinated pork shoulder in the oven, with a little orange juice, until tender and shred. All you need to do is promise me you’ll crisp up the pulled pork in a hot pan, so you get those crispy bits that make carnitas so special. Mound these into a tortilla and finish with some cilantro (optional), pickled red onions, and a dusting of cotija cheese.

We are making some mini vanilla bean pound cakes, fresh buttery lemon curd, and strawberry & orange peel compote- you can find these under "something sweet."

Spring Produce Box: we put together some of our seasonal favorites. While the contents will be a surprise, based on what’s freshest this week, it will include a variety of seasonal vegetables, two seasonal fruits, and salad greens. We may also include tuck in some other local treats- feel free to let us know if you have any allergen concerns in the "notes" section of your order, and we will act accordingly.

Thanks everybody and see you soon!

Alison & Michael

Alison Hearn

Asparagus. Carrot Hummus. Buratta with Snap Peas. Adobo-rubbed Steaks with Ramp Butter. Tuna Poke.

Apr 12th, 2021

it's all about Provisions at Peggotty this week

Apr 5th, 2021

Ham, Lamb & Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie

Mar 29th, 2021
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