Fish Taco Kits, Ramp Goddess Bowls, Oats with Toasted Coconut, Strawberries & Pistachios

May 16, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

We have many great special items this week- see below, or just start shopping.

Scituate Haddock Fish Taco Kits: The best way to have these is fresh, and the freshest way to have them, short of a street cart, is at home, where the crunchy fish and warm tortillas can be eaten at their peak. No need to overcomplicate things: here crispy fish, some bright and crunchy local arrowhead cabbage, and a little crema accentuate without overwhelming the beauty of this fresh local fish.

Our Greens & Grains Bowl this week is a knife-and-fork salad of little gem lettuce wedges, a beautiful ramp green goddess dressing, barley, feta, sunflower seeds, and crunchy snap peas. This bright salad would be great as is, or even more with our slow-roasted chicken breast sliced on top. This is a great salad for one person's lunch, or as a side salad for two along with some of our other selections.

We love adobo-rubbed steak, and it's great on the grill. It's one of the best things you can do to steak- the smokey, ancho-laden garlicky rub is our dream marinade, and even though anchos are chiles, these are not spicy- just full of deep flavor. We have some delicious hanger steak tips we are applying our adobo magic to, and these will be great on the grill as they are, or skewered for kabobs. If you tried the steak tacos last week, this is the steak cut and marinade we featured in those tacos. A big plate with rice or tortillas, grilled spring onions or ramps, half an avocado, and half a lime squeezed over the whole show is fantastic and can be made almost entirely on the grill.

Something for your mornings: we have a great steel-cut oat recipe that's a staple in my home. I make a big batch once at the beginning of the week and enjoy it all week long. I mix up what I put in there, depending on the season and what's in my fridge. What I like most about this recipe is that the oats are super creamy and delicious, but not stodgy. This week, we're going to take some strawberries, macerate them with a touch of demerara sugar, and top the vanilla milk oats with toasted coconut and crushed pistachios.

Thanks and see you soon!


Alison Hearn

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