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Get outside and grill, and don't sweat the sides- we've got you

May 24, 2021

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

We have quite the extensive grilling menu for you this week.  It would be hard to fit it all into one email, so please visit our “What to Eat This Week” section to see some of what we have planned.  I’m just going to touch on a few highlights here.

Personally, I’m torn between getting the Prime Ribeye Steak with Ancho “Cowboy” rub, grilling it to medium rare on my new Kamado Joe grill, and serving it carved right on the cutting board.  In fine dining restaurants, that protein is always going to get a last finishing touch, and in this case, it should be our chimichurri.  A simple blend of olive oil, fresh and bright herbs like parsley and cilantro, cut with fresh lemon juice- this is all the steak needs for that final bit of brightness and juiciness.  I may do a whole mixed grill situation: we’re offering the same preparation for Kurobuta Porterhouse Pork Chops and Giannone Half Chickens.  I might put some fish on the grill, too- we have nice swordfish and salmon this week, and we are going to rub them both with our garlic-herb rub.  Something about that mix- slightly smoky, slightly sweet- really brings out the best in the fish, especially when you grill or pan-roast it.

Oh, but I said I was torn.  And I am: I’m also thinking about a juicy butcher’s blend burger, slathered with pimento cheese and green tomato relish.  If I did this, I’d probably offer some hot dogs (we have Fearless Franks) and sausages (see Smoking Goose’s offerings) and hit that with our house green tomato relish and some hot honey mustard.  Maybe paired with some yukon gold potato salad with freshly snipped chives and our buttermilk dill dressing.  We set it up as a kit for you, so you don’t miss out on any of the components.

Texas Caviar is a cold salad of black beans, roasted corn, bell peppers, shallots and tomatoes in a smoky tomato vinaigrette.  I like to dip tortilla chips in it, but it’s also just great as a side.  You could put out some pimento cheese with celery sticks, Holly Hill red globe radishes, and some Firehook crackers. 

Produce-wise this week, I’d say you should get some more MA asparagus from Hadley, MA, some baby spring greens from Holly Hill farm (pairs nicely with our Forum chardonnay vinaigrette), some sweet blackberries, and Ward’s farm arugula.  We are expecting first of the season cherries soon- stay tuned, as they may even be added on this week.  And we have fresh Chatham oysters by the dozen- and an oyster knife, too, if you need one.  

There’s more in the catalog, including all kinds of beautiful produce, bbq-friendly desserts, super local free-range eggs, and more.  Be sure to look through the whole catalog.  

Thanks so much, and see you soon!

Alison & Michael

Alison Hearn

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