Hadley Asparagus, Gemelli and Del Pacifico Shrimp, Giannone Chickens

May 17, 2021

Hello Everyone!  This week we’re featuring a combination of new items and some “back by popular demand” items.  Check it out:

Fresh Gemelli Pasta with Shrimp, Lemon, Garlic, & Calabrian Chili Butter: think amped-up variation on scampi, made with fresh gemelli pasta- a shorter noodle that is two strands twisted together- plus Del Pacifico wild Mexican shrimp.  Then, the butter: we make a lemon-garlic-herb butter, and whip some pickled Calbrian chiles into it.  A squeeze of fresh lemon juice and some bright, herbaceous chopped parsley lift the whole dish.  Easily incorporated: a few handfuls of Holly Hill fresh spinach would be a great addition- just toss in a handful or two at the last minute.  

Killer Peanut Sauce with Fresh Lo Mein Noodles: our peanut sauce, redolent with ginger, garlic, thai bird chiles, and lime.  Super tasty on the easy-to-cook fresh noodles we pick up in Chinatown.  I’ve been eating it with lots of sliced raw snap peas on top, and some chopped little gem lettuce dressed with olive oil and a splash of rice wine vinegar underneath.  

Our Avocado Salad Kit is back to stay: our soy-lime sauce to dress the avocados, and some shichimi togarashi to sprinkle on top, giving the whole thing a little heat.  If you haven’t had it before, it’s a Japanese spice blend that means “seven spice” and includes three types of dried chiles, nori, sesame seeds, and dried orange peel.  This is great as-is, under some raw tuna or roasted salmon.  All of that would be great on brown rice with crispy shallot furikake.  And some fresh pea greens.  

If you haven’t had a whole Giannone chicken yet, you're missing out on one of the best things on the list.  This chicken is just so good, it will remind you of why you love chicken.  It’s a weekly staple in our house, when we want something easy, comforting and perfect.

Take a whole Giannone chicken, rub it with Mom’s garlic & herb seasoning, and roast it in a 400 degree oven for about an hour.  During the last half-hour of roasting,  throw in some baby yukon gold potatoes, and let them finish along with the chicken.  A simple salad of mixed baby lettuces from Holly Hill (currently a mix of baby oak leaf, romaine and tango) dressed with our Forum Chardonnay vinaigrette- so tasty, and so easy to make on a busy night.  

Asparagus from Hadley, MA is here.  We have fresh maitake mushrooms this week- roast these hard in a pan until the edges get all crispy.  Put that on your asparagus and top with a farm-fresh poached egg- I’m happy to call that breakfast, lunch or dinner.  

It’s going to be nice out this week, so have some rose on the porch, along with our marinated Vermont Creamery Goat cheese + Ines Rosales Tortas.  This combo, with the slightly sweet crackers, anise, and the goat cheese- it just works.  In fact, now if I have one without the other, something seems missing.  I said rose, but maybe try a Sancerre with this- and find out why goat cheese and Sancerre are considered a classic pairing. 

Alison Hearn

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