Happy Father's Day Weekend

June 13, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

To celebrate Father's Day this year, I'm putting together a box I know my Dad would love. Back in his grilling days, his go-to move was the mixed grill. It usually had steak, swordfish, sausages, and marinated mixed vegetables like peppers, onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and zucchini. Based on my knowledge of the man, I think this was partly because he wanted to eat them all and couldn't just pick one, and partly because he had a big family to feed. The cut of steak was London Broil- also known as flank steak. This is a more affordable cut, big enough to make sure everyone got some steak, and because there was naturally a narrow end and a thick end, there would be rarer pieces and more well-done pieces, allowing folks to select what they preferred. So I'm keeping it true to what my dad made. Dick Hearn's Mixed Grill Box will include 2 lbs of cowboy-rubbed flank steak, a pound of swordfish rubbed with smoked paprika and dill, mixed marinated vegetables ready for you to grill, and our choice of sausage.

For our Greens & Grains bowl this week: we're doing Ward's Farm Butter Lettuce, Strawberries, Snap Peas, Barley & Feta. We're pairing this with our Chardonnay Vinaigrette. I'm excited.

I'm also excited about a big, bone-in, adobo-rubbed ribeye. The cut of steak is my favorite, and roasting it on the bone keeps it extra juicy and flavorful. The giant frenched bone/handle is dramatic and super butch. I adore this adobo rub because it's a powerhouse of a marinade: with olive oil, shallots, garlic, fresh oregano, and ancho chiles- which have a fruity/smoky profile rather than a spicy one- it complements, pushes, and seasons the steak in all the right ways. I'd present this right on a cutting board, with some grilled avocado halves, shower it in chopped herbs (like parsley and/or cilantro), and squeeze some fresh lime over the whole show. Favorite cut of steak, favorite steak marinade, happy Father's day.

We are offering a scampi-style kit, with wild Del Pacifico shrimp, and Calabrian chili-garlic lemon butter. Dynamite. Or you can just get the fresh pasta. And we've got cookie dough- Tcho dark milk chocolate, sea salt, and your oven- or your spoon.

Local produce: we have organic local snap peas now, from Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset. You know the deal with peas- the more local, the fresher, and the fresher, the sweeter. It's a good time for local greens. We'll have a limited amount of butterhead lettuce from Ward's Farm. We're also excited for Ward's Rainbow Swiss Chard, a great green for sauteeing, with plenty of toasted garlic, a little chili flake, and lemon- also a great green to add to your Scampi kit.

Seasonal fruit: it's stone fruit season, and the cherries are amazing right now. We have Bing and first of the season Golden Rainier. Frog Hollow peaches are now in. We also have local Strawberries. This is one of the best times of year for fruit- enjoy it!

Thanks and see you soon,


Alison Hearn

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