Here for the Season: Peggotty Provisions Signature Dishes

September 16, 2022

There are some things that, while we don't want them every single week, we want them often- a few times a month, or a dish we know and love that we'd love to make for guests or family. Here you'll find some of our signature dishes. Some are seasonal, and some are evergreen, but either way, they're here for you- just like us.

Here through the holidays:

Chicken Marbella Kit (ready to roast): this kit is so easy, and so delicious, and such a good Sunday dinner, or Monday dinner, or having people over dinner, we just have to keep it around for awhile. This includes a Giannone Chicken that's been spatchcocked, rubbed with herbs de Provence, and marinated with garlic, capers, pitted Castelvetrano olives, really nice red wine vinegar, and more. You just bake it for 45 m - 1 hour. Pairs especially well with our go-to cool weather salad: Escarole and Radicchio with Parmesan, Candied Walnuts and Lemon-Honey-Thyme Vinaigrette. Say goodbye to lawn-clippings style salad and hello to crunchy, hearty, healthy greens with a flavor combo you won't soon forget. All you have to do is dress it. Both of these dishes are gluten-free, by the way.

Spicy Take-out Style Peanut Noodle Kit: this is the kit version, that you can make for yourself any night of the week. The noodles freeze beautifully, and the sauce lasts at least three weeks in the fridge. Now tricked out with Persian cukes, some sesame edamame, and a wee container of chili crisp in case you really want to punch it up. Takes about 15 minutes to put on the table, including the time it takes to boil water.

Thai Beef & Basil Salad: crunchy, citrusy, spicy salad-for-dinner type situation that is all lean protein, crunchy veg, and herbaceous basil and mint, with a crunchy toasted rice garnish that will keep you digging for more. It's all about the freshly cooked flank steak and addictive nuoc cham (chili-lime) dressing. Get after it. Great with crispy oven-roasted steak fries- perhaps not culturally, but it's really good that way. Also gluten-free. The fish sauce we use (Red Boat Brand) in the nuoc cham is shellfish-free.

Alison Hearn

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