Maybe Mom actually wants Wagyu Steak with Charred Ramp Butter

May 3, 2021

So here's the thing: you have to try Wagyu beef. Its rich marbling makes this steak magical: so juicy, so buttery- it's really like nothing else. It's like the fantasy you have about steak- or will start having after you eat this. Bringing it to you in at a more approachable price point by cutting steak tips instead of a full-on fancy cut, we are also keeping the marinade super-simple, so you can really taste the meat. Some Charred Ramp Butter is both not necessary and totally delicious. Pair it with our marinated Gigante Beans in Smoky Romesco Vinaigrette, and some steamed Jersey Asparagus. These would also be gorgeous with Scituate Sea Scallops, East Coast Halibut, or Swordfish.

Rosemary, Garlic & Balsamic-marinated Colorado Lamb Chops are another excellent option for the grill, as are the Spice-rubbed, Pomegranate-glazed Bell & Evans Chicken Thighs. Hook it up with grilled Zucchini and Japanese Eggplant, and finish it with our Castelvetrano Olive & Feta Salsa Verde.

In the world of Spring Produce- here are some ideas to get you going: French Breakfast Radishes from Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset, MA: so fresh and petite and perfect, they have a good bite without being over the top. Rinse and put out with some whipped salted butter and a baguette, for snacking. If you’ve never tried braising a radish, it’s a revelation: try this butter-braised radish recipe and see for yourself- a great accompaniment to roasted chicken or pork. The greens are great cooked, like turnip greens, or chopped and turned into a radish top pesto.

Spring-dug Parsnips: when this root vegetable stays under the ground over the winter, the freeze helps convert its starches to sugars, making this normally earthy vegetable become super sweet and delicious. Cut them into long wedges, toss with olive oil, and roast them in a hot (425) oven until tender and slightly crispy at the edges. These also make a delicious pureed soup. Try with diced apple or pears, walnuts, chives and creme fraiche, big toasted olive oil croutons, maple-glazed bacon lardons, etc.

Oyster mushrooms and Meyer Lemons: these meaty mushrooms are great in many different ways. Start by sauteing them, without crowding them, over high to medium-high heat in plenty of olive oil. Towards the end, a smashed garlic clove, salt, and pepper. Now, you could sprinkle this with parsley and eat them as is. Or top them with a fried egg, and scoop that all up with some toasted sourdough. Or toss them in a spring vegetable pasta: peas, favas, ramps, asparagus- any of these would be great. Finish the pasta with Meyer lemon zest and juice, a wee sprinkle of hot chili flakes, and grate plenty of fresh parmesan on top. Yes. If you have any ramp butter leftover, this would be the place to use it. I made exactly that over whole wheat spaghetti and it was the best thing I’ve eaten in ages.

Holly Hill Farm Siberian Kale: this kale is making us all really happy around here- the hearty flavor of kale, and the more tender texture of the Siberian kale leaf, make it so easy to work with and incorporate into many dishes, without all the roughness of regular kale. My simple sauteed greens method I use with any leafy cooking green: wash and chop the greens- it’s okay if water still clings to the leaves. Heat up olive oil and a smashed garlic clove in a wide pan. When it’s really hot, add a pinch of chili flake, then immediately all of the greens all at once. They will crackle fantastically. Toss them over and over, adding a pinch of salt. When they are just slightly wilted, but not 100%, tip them out of the pan and serve. 

See you soon,

Alison & Michael

Alison Hearn

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