Nordic Salmon, Killer Peanut Sauce & Avocado Salad

November 30, 2020

Tuna Poke Kit. We're getting in some beautiful, raw sushi-grade tuna this week. Just mix the included poke sauce (we made this from aged tamari sauce, roasted sesame oil + a touch of chili-garlic paste) and top with some furikake (a combination of toasted nori, sea salt, and roasted sesame seeds.)

It's a great week for a brown rice bowl. And by popular request, we've brought back our house-made spicy peanut sauce. Grab some of our sesame-scallion brown rice, top with a piece of pan-roasted Nordic Salmon Fillet, or Bell & Evans Chicken Breast, and round it out with some sliced cucumber and our Avocado Salad Kit. Easy, delicious, and a nice change of pace after the indulgence of last week.

Macomber Turnip, Potato & Apple Bisque: if you love an autumnal pureed soup, check this one out. It happens to be vegetarian, and is delicious as-is. But it could happily be garnished with some croutons (leftover Alecco baguette toasted in olive oil), sharp cheddar, and cubed apple. Crispy crumbled bacon would also be great on top.

Some produce highlights this week: if you're not ordering the Satsuma Mandarins, you're missing out; Holly Hill Farm has baby red Russian kale this week as well as arugula; wild chanterelle mushrooms are back; and blood oranges are just starting up. If you like a crunchy, juicy, sweet/tart apple, don't miss the local Evercrisp apples, by the basket. See you soon!

Alison Hearn

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