Red Curry Pumpkin Bisque, Duck Ragu with Fresh Pasta, Purple Sprouting Broccoli

October 4, 2021

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors:

Here's what we're excited for this week.

Here's why we're excited about Red Curry and Pumpkin Bisque: the sexy spice profile is sublime with winter squash, the lemongrass and lime make it come alive, and the coconut milk makes it all smooth and creamy without the dullness of heavy cream, and with the touch of sweetness and beautiful aroma that the coconut milk imparts. The silky-smooth texture is pretty alluring, too. I like to pair it with one crunchy or different-textured note: for example, I might drop in some big toasted croutons at the last moment, or I might take some del Pacifico shrimp, season them with a touch of yuzu togarashi, sear them in a screaming hot pan, let them cool for 30 seconds or so, slice along the segments, and drop that on top of my soup, along with some slivered cilantro or scallion.

The duck ragu: I love bolognese, and this reminds me of it, with some appealing differences: first of all, duck. Duck is just so good. A ragu made with gently shredded duck meat that's been braised, a touch of tomato-umami depth, a hint of rosemary and orange, and some richness from duckfat and chicken stock. Well, all this, slicking some bouncy-thick bigoli pasta (think thick spaghetti) is just killer. Don't forget to grab a wedge of real, fresh parmesan that we cut fresh from a block- to grate all over the top of your pasta. You can find that in our dairy section.

Kale Salad Kit with Spiced Pepitas and Riesling-soaked dried Apricots: this is one of those massaged kale salad situations: you're going to wash and chop the kale into approx 1" pieces, then massage the heck out of it with salt, pepper, and some of the dressing. This will help break down the cell walls, make the kale tender, and allow it to really take on the seasonings and flavors in the salad. Once your kale is all nice and relaxed, you'll toss in the pepitas and apricots, plus any additional dressing to taste.

Tons of gorgeous produce from the local farms: honey crisp apples, Asian pears, bunched carrots from Holly Hill Farms, Concord grapes, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, and much more. And we have a new vendor we're excited to be working with: Mrs. Mekler's Mercantile. Her freshly made chocolate desserts- like caramels, nonpareils, English toffee and more are quite good and special. Check it out.

See you soon,


Alison Hearn

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