Spicy Italian Sausage Ragu with Fresh Cavatelli, Sprouting Purple Broccoli

October 18, 2021

Produce Alert: check out everything Holly Hill organic farm in Cohasset has to offer- beautiful baby lettuces, Tuscan kale, and bunched carrots; we also have organic Chantenay carrots from Maine, local Arrowhead cabbage- conical in shape, tender-crisp in texture, delicious raw in a salad or a half head lightly charred in a pan; Concord grapes, local Asian pears, organic blackberries, baskets of mixed mushrooms including maitake, oyster and beech mushrooms, so many heirloom squashes including Red Kuri, Honeynut, Delicata, and cruciferous vegetables, including some special and hard to find varieties like Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Fioretti Cauliflower. Be sure to check out our seasonal produce section, or just order an Autumn Produce Box and let us send you a selection of our favorites this week.

Just needs your finishing touches:

We have a fresh Cavatelli Pasta and Italian Sausage Ragu kit this week. All you need to do is cook the pasta. We tested different sausage ragu recipes and landed on something we are in love with- and we only have limited amounts, so don't miss this.

If you really want to take the pasta over the top, here are a few suggestions: grab a head of broccoli, broccolini, or purple sprouting broccoli- and give it a good char in a hot oven or pan. Chop that up, and add to your pasta. Finish it off with a big dollop of the truly divide Calabro hand-dipped ricotta we just brought back. This ricotta is so good you could stand in front of the fridge eating with a spoon. Besides dolloping on pasta, this is good just spread on a thick piece of toasted sourdough that you rubbed with a cut clove of garlic and drizzled liberally with olive oil.

Or whip up some pimento cheeseburgers with the help of our pimento cheese dip, housemade zucchini pickles (very special recipe- try them), buttermilk-sesame seed buns from Steel & Rye bakery, and of course, the excellent "butcher's blend" burgers we carry, made from a blend of prime chuck roll lifter and brisket. Wow. Pick out your favorite IPA to go with this one.

We brought back our Southeast Asian Chicken and Rice Vermicelli Salad kit: for this, simply boil the rice noodles, saute or grill the chicken breasts, and then toss it all with shredded Arrowhead cabbage, organic carrots, and cucumbers, plus tons of fresh herbs. Toss with the included nuoc cham (chili lime) dressing, and sprinkle with toasted peanuts. This bright, crunchy salad is addictive and makes fantastic leftovers as well. Everything you need is included in the kit.

Don't miss out on all the great marinated meats we are featuring this week: how many things in this world both make your life easier and delight you? These will- no butchering chicken on the counter on a weeknight- just pull this out of the container, slap it into a hot skillet or baking tray, and keep it moving. We've hit on some rubs and sauces we really love- our ancho chili-based adobo rub is a favorite, and this week you'll see it on kurobuta pork chops and hanger steaks. We have been tweaking our simple garlic, herb, and olive oil rub and finally nailed it last week- a great staple that can work in many different dishes. Or try our harissa-rubbed Half-Chicken: this is a Giannone chicken, split, rubbed with harissa, ready to roast in the oven at 375 and eat about 20 minutes later. Get a few (we think one "half" serves one person dinner + leftovers), roast them all at once, and thank yourself later in the week. Great over couscous- try serving with any greens (raw cucumbers, sauteed kale, salad-whatever) and a swoosh of Greek yogurt that you've added a little grated garlic, lemon juice, and ground cumin to.

Be sure to check out the whole catalog, and see you soon!


Alison Hearn

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