Spring Break

March 15, 2021

In Spring Produce news this week:

Pink Muscat Grapes are in! We anticipate these every spring, for their honeyed sweetness and almost floral aroma. This may replace citrus as your go-to fruit each week.

Green Garlic: make some green garlic butter by mincing the light and white parts of the green garlic. Fold into softened butter with some lemon zest and juice, salt and touch of cayenne pepper or your favorite hot sauce. Now that is a topping fit for a grilled prime ribeye steak, or juicy piece of pan-roasted swordfish with steamed new potatoes and Holly Hill spinach sauteed in olive oil.

Fresh Green Fava Beans- blanch, toss with parmesan or pecorino- great with La Quercia prosciutto, or vegetarian with some picked fresh mint leaves.

Washington Rhubarb is here- make a crisp, a pie, a compote to put on pound cake...and use some "dreamberry" strawberries to go along with.

Sunday Night: grab a mojo-marinated pork shoulder roast this week, and slow-roast it this Sunday to go with our Cuban-style braised black beans. As your house fills with a wonderful citrus-and-garlic aroma, make a pot of rice and some sweet, ripe plantains. Just peel the plantains, slice into thick rounds, toss with a little brown sugar, and saute or roast in the oven. Get extra and have it twice this week- it makes excellent leftovers. You'll thank us on Wednesday.

For the non-pork lover, go with our chicken thighs in citrus mojo-wonderful on the grill, under the broiler, or in the slow-cooker. You should probably get extra chicken, so you can also whip up some tacos this week- think avocado and crunchy sliced arrowhead cabbage dressed with salt and lime juice, with a little fried shallot sprinkled on top.

Something Sweet: we discovered this week that Mama B makes a mean key lime pie. She's doing a mini "for two" version for us, with some torched meringue on top- a great way to finish off Cuban Roast Pork night. Alecco Bakery is introducing their cinnamon-laced morning buns, which you'll probably want to have with a cup of Speedwell coffee Sunday morning.

Thinking ahead: you've got to eat all week, right? The marinated chicken thighs freeze really well, as do the marinated Peggotty steak tenderloin tips, a new staple on our menu. Cuban-braised black beans also freeze well, so you can have all kinds of amazing dinner in a flash tricks in your icebox for later in the week.

Alison & Michael

PS: some folks have been asking: where is Peggotty Provisions headed? Are we going back to the restaurant world, or continuing to bring you the best stuff from local farms, good butchers, and the sea? Don't worry- we are here to stay. We are working on a new "home base" for operations, and when we move in, expect expanded offerings, like fresh pasta, house-made sausages, and all kinds of other cool stuff. Stay tuned for our one-year survey, coming out soon- you will help us decide what Peggotty Provisions evolves into through your feedback and suggestions.

Alison Hearn

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