Spring Produce, Spicy Beef & Basil Salad, and a new Greens & Grain Bowl

April 18, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

We're thinking of bright and citrusy salads, and easily adaptable meals made from a few great components. Wouldn't it be nice to have these waiting for you after a long week of running around? How about...

Beef & Basil Salad.jpeg

Tiger's Tears, aka Spicy Beef & Basil Salad Kit: marinated flank steak for the grill, tons of fresh herbs, crunchy vegetables like cucumbers, shallots and red bell peppers, all tossed with a spicy, citrusy nuoc cham dressing (for the uninitiated, that's lime juice, palm sugar, garlic, Thai bird chiles and fish sauce, and it's totally addictive.). Pan-roast or grill the steak, slice the veg, wash and tear the herbs, and toss the whole show together.  

Greens & Grain Bowl this week: We're hooking you up with some of our Spicy Takeout-Style Peanut Noodles, served with chopped Little Gem Lettuce, Snap Peas, and sliced Persian Cucumbers. As easy to take to work as it is to serve for dinner. I love this as a vegetarian meal, but I also like adding some chicken on top for extra protein sometimes- and our slow-roasted chicken breast would be an easy option.

Harissa-rubbed Giannone Half Chickens: what is easier than putting some of these already-prepped, already-marinated chickens in the oven, quickly washing some red gem lettuce leaves, putting our creamy feta, dill & yogurt dip into a bowl, and warming up some local fluffy pita? (Now available in Whole Wheat, too). Round it out if you'd like by roasting some Maine organic rainbow carrots on the bottom shelf of the oven, where they're closest to the heat source and will get the most roast-y. All of these things are tasty together and so simple to make on the fly.

Another way to play it: get a nice piece of Nordic Salmon Fillet, dust it with a little vadouvan spice blend, pan-sear it on one side, flip it, and pop it into a 275-degree oven while you steam some white rice, and slice some Persian cucumbers in quarters lengthwise. Serve with a swoosh of Greek yogurt and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Find it all in our catalog. See you soon!


Alison Hearn

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