The Big April Menu Post

March 28, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

Our menu is up and available for the month of April! We're featuring more kits, bowls, and opportunities to try them all-- by offering this menu for the whole month. We are also giving ourselves the chance to build on what we learned the week before, so we can make the following week even more delicious. So try what you want this week, and don't worry if you can't do it all, because you'll have four weeks of opportunity to try different things- or revisit a favorite. And if you have feedback on how to make a dish even better, we're listening. Every time you give us feedback, you give us the opportunity to get better at what we do. Produce will continue to adjust with the season, and we let what's in season be our guide for what's on our list.

So explore the catalog, and each week we'll pluck out some items to highlight. And yes, we'll have hams for Easter- plus a few additional specials that week. If you have any special meat requests, feel free to reach out- we can probably get it.

Peggotty Shrimp & Grits Kit: it's going to be hard for me to contain myself when one dish contains so many ingredients I'm excited about. But I'll try. The grits (which we're cooking for you) are from Keisler's Mill, a literal mom-and-pop farm in central South Carolina. These are just good. This is an heirloom variety of corn called Lowman Yellow, and the grits are indeed yellow. And so tasty. We're featuring Naked Shrimp and we recently found out that North Country Smokehouse, in New Hampshire, makes a pretty mean Andouille Sausage. It all comes together in a few quick steps: you'll be sauteing the shrimp and sausage and turning them into a quick sauce, then pouring them over your warm grits. Easy and happy, great for dinner or a special brunch. Get some bread for sopping.

We have all these beautiful green garlic tops, so we are making green garlic, walnut, and basil pesto- perfect with fresh bigoli pasta. This pesto also freezes really well, and it's nice to have some in the freezer in case you find yourself down to only boxed pasta in the house and not much else.

Yellow Split Pea Soup: we're making this soup with garlic, ginger, some dried smokey chiles, and a dusting of pimenton. We're using olive oil and keeping it vegan, but it doesn't have to stay that way. I like this with a big dollop of thick yogurt and a little torn cilantro, or with some warm pita bread, or alongside some rice and pan-fried tofu. Also worth mentioning that these pints freeze well and pack up nicely for a work lunch.

I brought back the Yogurt, Feta, and Dill dip because I found that when I had this around, I was happy to eat piles of raw crunchy vegetables, as long as I had this around to dip it in. And it's nice to have a non-naughty thing that's this tasty. Plus, I'm kind of obsessed with this feta. It's our new cocktail/snack hour staple.

Greens & Grains Bowl: we're planning on making some kind of greens and grains bowl a staple. Great as a main dish for one, or a side dish for two, and packed up thoughtfully in a compostable bowl. Okay, so what's in it? We're doing Holly Hill Organic Farm Spinach, Brown Rice, roasted Oakwood Shiitake Mushrooms, Sesame Carrots, and a Bibimbap-inspired sauce. How do I work this?

  • eat it hot or cold
  • add some sliced avocado or fried egg if you want
  • turn it into a more substantial meal with any of the following:
  • Marinated Pan-Fried Tofu
  • Pulled "Nirvana" Chicken
  • Fresh Salmon + Unagi Sauce Kit
  • Peggotty Slow-roasted Chicken Breast

Head to the catalog / click the links to learn more about all those awesome options. All those great produce items we mentioned last week? They're here again this week! And you can learn more about them by following us on Facebook @peggottyprovisions, as we'll be posting some cool facts and tips about each of these as the season progresses.

Find it all here, and see you soon!

Alison & The Team at Peggotty Provisions

Alison Hearn

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