We're Back! And we're declaring a comfort food week.

August 19, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors, 

After last week, we need something that feels like a warm hug- so we're declaring this week comfort food week. Read all about it below, or just start shopping.

From the kitchen: there is nothing more comforting, that I know of than roast chicken. We're doing an homage to the roast chicken of the long-gone but not forgotten Hamersley's Bistro, in Boston. If you remember Hamersley's, you may remember the famous roast chicken. The trick to such juicy chicken, besides roasting it properly in the first place, is to reheat it so that the meat is semi-submerged in the sauce while the skin remains dry, under the broiler. The broiler crisps the skin that is above the liquid level, and the sauce keeps the chicken itself super juicy and flavorful. So we're hooking you up with roasted chicken, sauce, and some roasted carrots to boot, and all you have to do is heat up your broiler and crisp it up. 

We're still questing for our perfect baked mac & cheese, one that is creamy and unctuous and doesn't separate in the oven. We've done our research, we've got a plan, and you are our beta-testers. With fusilli pasta, three kids of cheese (a melty one, a sharp one, and a nutty one) turned into an uber-creamy sauce, and a ritz cracker crumb topping. Let us know how we do.

Speaking of improvements, we've made an important update to our PP Slow-Roasted Chicken Breasts: we made them even better. Like, a lot better. We kept our slow-cooking method, but switched it to sous vide cooking, so the gentle heat brings it to the exact right temperature and no further. Then, we sear it hot and fast, very briefly, in the pan with some olive oil and smashed garlic to give it a beautiful burnished exterior and further infuse it with garlic. This thing is so juicy. Oh, and- we kept hearing from you that three chicken breasts were just too many, so we've changed it to two. It also freezes well, even though it's cooked- for real, we've tried it- so if you're dining solo, this should give you the confidence to order it and pop half in the freezer for another night.

Classic Kale Salad: Okay, so I know, this is not creative. This is the ubiquitous kale salad we all know- but you know what? It's delicious. And it's especially delicious when you put the love into it, which we are. We're picking up fresh kale from Ward's berry farm, chopping and washing it ourselves, freshly toasting some delicious skin-on sliced almonds, taking local goat cheese and rolling it into little balls and rolling those little balls in herbs and pink peppercorns, and serving it with our very tasty chardonnay vinaigrette made with Forum chardonnay vinegar. Oh, and we're putting dried cranberries on there too, with apologies to my chef friend Tina who is over dried cranberries for life. Sorry, man. My wife still loves them.  

My favorite way to enjoy gazpacho is the Andalusian way: in southern Spain, it's a smooth blend of tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, fried bread, and olive oil, sharpened with a little sherry vinegar, given depth with a touch of smoked Spanish pimenton, and smoothed out with very good olive oil. So that's what we did there, getting local Early Girl tomatoes and cucumbers because these things are finally at their glorious peak season.  

Last but not least: I'm making peanut butter cookies. That plus a glass of cold chocolate milk is probably my ultimate comfort food, right after crispy roasted chicken skin. When I was a kid, my Grandpa Monestersky used to give me a bedtime snack of Nestle Quick chocolate milk and a slice of buttered NJ deli rye bread. I miss good rye bread. If anyone knows where to get actual good rye bread within driving distance, please let me know.

Don't forget that it's now peach, tomato, melon, corn, and berry season- and we've got them all. Find it all here, and see you Tuesday.

Alison & The Team at Peggotty Provisions

Alison Hearn

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