Winter Squash Bisque, Fresh Cavatelli with Sausage Ragu, Pork & Chive Dumpling Kit

October 22, 2022

Dear Friends, Family & Neighbors,

Organic & Local this week: German butterball potatoes, honey nut squash, watermelon radishes, Maine rainbow carrots, full-size bok choy, Tuscan kale, and scallions.

From the Kitchen:

Fresh Cavatelli Pasta with a delicious Sausage Ragu, Ricotta, and Brocollini. 10 minutes of work for you- plenty of time to open a bottle of red, such as a Rosso di Montalcino. If anyone has a bottle they need to get rid of, call me, I can help.

Pork & Chive Dumpling Party! I'm not sure this is anything to brag about, when I worked as the opening chef of Myers + Chang, I ate dumplings every single day. No seriously- I did not miss a single shift.  I came in for lunch one day, a year after I left the job and, upon seeing me, the daytime cook immediately fired up dumplings that arrived at my table before I even put in my drink order. Perhaps I should seek help for this habit, but I'm inclined to just give in, and make dumplings again. So if you missed the dumpling party when we debuted it last year, here's your chance, and if you already know what's up, here's another chance to enjoy them- or fill up your freezer so you have tasty dumplings around any time the craving arises.  

Here's why we're excited about Red Curry and Squash Bisque: the sexy spice profile is sublime with winter squash, the lemongrass and lime make it come alive, and the coconut milk makes it all smooth and creamy without the dullness of heavy cream, and with the touch of sweetness and beautiful aroma that the coconut milk imparts. The silky-smooth texture is pretty alluring, too. I like to pair it with one crunchy or different-textured note: for example, I might drop in some big toasted croutons at the last moment, or I might take some shrimp, season them with a touch of yuzu togarashi, sear them in a screaming hot pan, let them cool for 30 seconds or so, slice along the segments, and drop that on top of my soup, along with some slivered cilantro or scallion.

Find it all here, and see you soon!

Alison & The Team at Peggotty Provisions

Alison Hearn

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