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Our Partners

Yes, we’re picky about the growers, producers, and small farms we work with. We’re not looking for perfectly shaped, commodity produce. Instead, we focus on finding the best quality, flavor, and sustainable growing practices around. We source locally in Massachusetts, but more importantly, we source the best—whether that’s the catch of the day at our local Scituate pier or wild chanterelle mushrooms foraged in Saskatchewan.

If it’s heirloom squash or handmade pasta you’re after, we’ll find it for you—and deliver it, too. We’ve spent the last two decades building strong relationships with chef-level wholesale distributors, farms, producers, and growers—both locally in Massachusetts and around the world. We vet everyone we partner with, so you don’t have to.

As we grow, we’ll continue to add new partners, ensuring our home cooks always have unparalleled access to the best of the best, whether it’s from down the street or across the border.

  • Alecco Bakery

    Alec White is a New York-trained young baker recently returned to his homestead in Cohasset, turning out beautiful loaves from his farmhouse kitchen. Catch his soulful bread, made from locally sourced grains, before they’re impossible to get.

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  • Bell & Evans

  • Calabro Cheese Co.

  • Cretinon's Farm Stand

    Local farm in Kingston, MA. Family owned and operated for 60 years.

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  • Del Pacifico Seafoods

    Del Pacifico Seafoods was founded in 2014 with the mission to produce the world’s highest quality shrimp using the most sustainable methods of harvest and processing that exist today.

    We work in close collaboration with artisanal fishermen and offer them a fair chance to compete in the global seafood market, mostly dominated by industrial fishing. The collaboration between Del Pacifico and these cooperatives has allowed us to promote sustainable fishing practices and to bring the world’s best shrimp to new markets.

    In 2016 we became the first shrimp company in the world to receive Fair Trade Certification after meeting all requirements relating to labor, trade and responsible environmental practices.

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  • Frog Hollow Farm

    Frog Hollow Farm is home to legendary fruit, grown organically. They believe in sustainability and have been farming in the agricultural community of Brentwood, CA since 1976. Their farmer Al was among the pioneers of the organic farming movement that starting gaining ground in the 1980s.

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  • Giannone Poultry

    Certified Humane, sustainably raised birds from Canada from a company that focuses on humane methods, low waste, minimal environmental impact, and high standards of work for employees, while producing exceptional-tasting birds.  

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  • Heilala Vanilla

    Heilala Vanilla Beans are unique premium Tongan vanilla beans (Same variety as grown in Madagascar). Grown with integrity, the beans are harvested, cured, and dried by dedicated local farmers.

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  • Hi-Rise Bread Co.

    Rene Becker opened Hi-Rise in 1996 with a crew of six, big ideas, and a simple goal: to make staple homey foods better than home-made. He started with bread, using organic wheat, rye, and corn from independent mills in the region.

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  • Holly Hill Farm

    Holly Hill Farm is a certified organic farm set on beautiful conservation land in Cohasset MA. 

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  • Kiesler’s Mill

  • Kissflower Farm

  • Knoll Farms

  • Mama B's Tasty Treats

    Mama B has been baking for most of her life- and learned to roll out pie dough from her mom as a child. Treasured family recipes, along with influences from the Midwest and New England baking are the heart and soul of what she produces. Simple, natural ingredients combined with locally sourced products, then lovingly prepared for you and your family. Mama B has been at this over 50 years and is currently producing these delicious products in Rockland, MA.

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  • Nueske's

    R.C. Nueske, using a recipe brought over from Prussia in the late 1800’s, started making and selling bacon and sausages to folks in the northwoods of Wisconsin as a side hustle during the Great Depression.

    Called by R.W. Apple “the holy grail of bacon”, and mentioned in over 100 cookbooks as well as the New York Times and Chicago Tribune,” Nueske’s bacon is a bit different from some of the other bacons (even excellent ones) you might be used to.  The family, now in their 3rd generation of business, has protected the integrity of their product by refusing to compromise or change the methods they’ve spent so long perfecting.

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  • Pig Rock Sausage

  • Renu Kaewdulduk

    Chef Renu Kaewdulduk is from the small village of Ban Rong in the Northern province of Chang Rai, very close to the Golden Triangle, Myanmar, and Laos. She makes all of her incredibly fragrant curry pastes by hand. She learned to cook from her mother and her grandmother.  Thai culture is one of community, family, and traditional cooking.  The ingredients and techniques are authentic Thai.

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  • Rising C Ranch

  • Shelburne Farms

  • Smoking Goose

    Using old world craft and new world flavors, Smoking Goose makes over 40 varieties of slow cured and smoked meats, salumi, and sausages in small batches. 

    all Smoking Goose recipes begin on the farm. Working with farmers in Indiana and neighboring states who raise their animals as nature intended, Chris and the Smoking Goose gang still seam butcher by hand and cure without compound nitrates. 

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  • Thatcher Farm

    Farm-fresh milk from Milton, MA.

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  • The Japanese Pantry

  • Tina’s Honey

    Tina Conte is an incredible chef who also happens to be a devoted farmer. The bees on her land feed on her wildflowers, giving her honey a beautiful, sweet bouquet. Eating local honey has health benefits, acclimating your body to the local pollen. Like a fussy old Italian winemaker, Tina tends to her gardens using old time methods, patience, and stubbornness. You can taste it all in the honey.

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  • Vermont Creamery

  • Ward's Berry Farm

    Ward's Berry Farm is proud to be a genuine, productive farm, sustainably feeding the people of our area real food picked at the peak of ripeness.

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