Pickled Shrimp
We start with a great shrimp, of course- like these Del Pacifico shrimp. We carefully poach them in a court bouillon, taking care not to overcook them. We keep them in the shell while poaching, because this helps protect their delicate flesh from overcooking as well as adding flavor- think of it as the shrimp equivalent of roasting something on the bone. Once they are poached, cooled (never rinsed) and peeled, we then marinate them in this pickling recipe for at least twelve hours or longer. Eat these straight out of the fridge, or serve at room temperature, as part of a larger brunch or cocktail hour spread. Or just nick them out of the fridge at midnight when no one's looking.
Pappa al Pomodoro
Here is a rustic "something out of nothing" recipe you can use over the weekend, if you find yourself with some tomatoes that need to go, and some stale bread. It's great for a cool, early fall day, when there are still summer tomatoes left, but the start of a chill in the air.
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