Great Local Artisan Bakers

Alecco Bakery is a micro-bakery from Alec White, a New York-trained young baker recently returned to his homestead in Cohasset, turning out beautiful loaves from his farmhouse kitchen. Catch his soulful bread, made from locally sourced grains, before they’re impossible to get. // Steel & Rye bakery was born from a simple concept - baking the highest quality bread, from scratch, with locally milled flour. Executive Chef Brendan Joy and owner Dan Kerrigan initially sought to make excellent bread for Steel & Rye, their full-service restaurant in Lower Mills which opened in 2012. Our bakers are dedicated to the craft of artisan bread baking- all of our bread is made from scratch and shaped by hand, with no preservatives, and sourdough loaves are long-fermented with high hydration

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