Suehiro Ponzu Sauce

Suehiro Ponzu Sauce

150 ml bottle
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Wow. This condiment smokes any of our attempts at ponzu. It comes down to the ingredients: They use a blend of four different Japanese citrus: Yuzu for aroma, Sudachi for acidity, Daidai for sweetness & Yukou for mildness. The floral/citrus fragrance of this ponzu is out of this world. It does not stop there as the beautiful flavor of the citrus is balanced by the soy sauce & mirin. This is further elevated by the umami from the Ma Konbu dashi that Suehiro adds to this product. Use this with raw fish, veggies, mayonnaise and noodles.

This ponzu plus our tuna or salmon poke packs is our new weekly staple and a new Peggotty Provisions classic: a few ingredients, put together in minutes, for a five-star restaurant-quality dish, in your home.

Made in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan


Ingredients: dark soy sauce (water, soybean, wheat, salt, alcohol), citrus juice (yuzu, citrus sudachi, bitter orange, yukou citrus), mirin (rice, rice koji, brewing alcohol, starch), konbu dashi (water, kelp), sugar

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